Feed your family directly with grass-took care of meat from Texas' own Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef. Our groups of Angus/Hereford cross dairy animals give high-caliber, tasty meat, and our grass-took care of approach guarantees the most noteworthy dietary benefit per pound. Our fields are home to a shut group, so we know the bloodlines right back for almost a century. Likewise, our fields are liberated from herbicides and business manures. Our grass-fed beef are never taken grain feeding, and they're totally anti-toxin free. Moreover, our hamburger cows are collected at any rate two years or more established, guaranteeing the meat has more opportunity to create marbling for a delicate, more tasty cut of meat for each dinner.



    Ground Beef, Burgers and Sliders

    Jerky and Snacks


    Brisket, Ribs, Stir Fry, Corned and Stew Beef

    Bacon and Sausage


    Fat and Suet

    Warmth and Serve

    Organs and Organ Sausages

    New Chilled Beef

    Cape Grim Beef

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    On a fresh, cool morning in October 1781 General Cornwallis walked his soldiers into an open space between two militaries that had, for eight, long years been occupied with an epic battle ultimately bringing about the introduction of another country.    During this earth shattering occasion,...
    Indeed, even impeccably pre-arranged sheep cleaves prepared with simply salt can suggest a flavor like they're missing something now and again. Sheep Chops are known to match very well with different sauces and it's a disgrace to pass up the flavor combination by not adding the right fixings.  ...
    Grass-fed Beef is one of the most supplement thick proteins you can purchase. It has a broad micronutrient profile and contains a lot of cerebrum supporting omega-3 unsaturated fats. All things considered, a few doubters contend that there isn't a distinction between grass-fed and traditional...
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